How to setup Django debug toolbar

Django Debug toolbar is very helpful for a developer. It helps to see the SQL query, query times and many more. at a glance easily can debug Django project.

Steps of setup:

  1. Install debug python package
  2. Debug must be true
  3. Internal IP must be mentions
  4. Configure in file
  5. configure
  6. configure static file of debug tool’s htm/css, js

Step one:

In your projects virtualenv install this

Step two:

In file do this

Steps three: file

include your IP address above

Steps four:

configure debug files settings

Step five:

In file add those

Step six:

virtualenv run this command

That’s it. Happily, use Django debug tool

Shariful Islam Nayon

Shariful Islam | Full Stack Python/Django Developer I am Linux lover self motivated software craftsman open source contributor.My interested area Data Structure,Algorithm,Big data,Machine learning Dhaka, Bangladesh

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