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The Ultimate Divi Carousel Slider for Divi Builder

Introducing Divi Carousel Lite, an exceptional carousel plugin meticulously crafted for Divi Builder. Packed with a robust array of features and modules, such as the Divi Image Carousel, Divi Testimonial Carousel, Divi Logo Carousel, Divi Team Carousel, and more, it effortlessly liberates you from the confines of default builder limitations. Elevate your content presentation with elegance and allure.

Dive into a world of design possibilities with the Divi Carousel Lite plugin, offering five distinct slider modules to amplify your Divi Builder creations: Image Carousel, Logo Carousel, Testimonial Carousel, Twitter Carousel, and Blog Carousel. This plugin empowers you to fashion interactive and responsive carousel sections for your Divi website effortlessly.

Each module within Divi Carousel Lite boasts the same commanding features found in premium carousel plugins. The dashboard UI/UX mirrors the familiar interface of the default Divi theme, ensuring you feel right at home with the customization and feature hierarchy.

5 Free Divi Carousel Modules with Premium Features

  1. Divi Image Carousel: Craft an interactive image carousel in mere minutes.
  2. Divi Logo Carousel: Showcase client logos within a dynamic carousel slider using the Divi builder.
  3. Divi Testimonial Carousel: Display client testimonials anywhere on your website in an engaging format.
  4. Divi Twitter Carousel (coming soon): Seamlessly integrate your Twitter account with your website, presenting tweets in a captivating carousel slider.
  5. Divi Parallax Carousel (coming soon): Design a full-page parallax slider in the Divi builder with our free plugin.

Key Feature Highlights

Powerful Carousel Settings: Gain ultimate control over features like autoplay, animation, center slides, arrows, dots navigation, and more.
Robust Spacing: Apply padding and margin around every content element within the carousel modules.
Pagination: Integrate a stylish pagination button, customizable with unique colors, borders, and typography.
Mobile Responsive: Every module in this plugin has passed rigorous mobile responsiveness tests.
Very Lightweight: Developed under proper Divi Theme guidelines, this plugin adds no extra load to your website.
Regular Updates: We consistently provide updates for both the pro and free versions.
Easy to Use: Dashboards for all modules mirror the default Divi builder, ensuring easy navigation and customization.

17+ Premium Modules in Our Pro Version

Advance Carousel: Create a next-gen carousel section blending text and images.
Image Carousel: Showcase photographs within an interactive slider effortlessly.
Logo Carousel: Feature client, associate, and partner logos with smooth scrolling effects.
Team Carousel: Highlight team members’ bios, including positions and social media accounts.
Post Carousel: Craft eye-catching carousels to showcase recent or most-read blog posts.
Product Carousel: Display featured, famous, or best-selling products attractively.
Facebook Feed Carousel: Integrate your Facebook account and showcase post images and captions.
Instagram Feed Carousel: Establish business credibility by connecting and displaying Instagram posts.
Google Review Carousel: Showcase Google client reviews in slider or carousel mode.
Video Carousel: Display YouTube and Vimeo videos in slider or carousel mode with adjustable design features.