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Process kill (PID) on specific port

For an example if I need to kill the 8080 port I have to run this command

I Want to know specific port PID then run

If the PID is 529 and we want to kill this


How to deploy react app in lightsail (VPS) with nginx

Deploy our react app in a vps like digitalocean, aws lightsail or any other with nginx production. follow the steps to easily deploy react app with nginx

Docker cheat sheet – Remove Docker Images, Containers, Volumes and all

Docker makes it easy to wrap our application and services that we can run it anywhere to do some easy steps. When we work with docker we do some test work and sometimes create lots of images, containers, network and volumes that we not need. If we are not aware it will use our host machine resources like ram, processor, spaces.

Docker has a strong command-line tool to remove all unused thins very easily. This cheat sheet leads you to easily manage those things

Docker Install Ubuntu

Easily Install docker and docker-compose on an amazon-aws container. Ubuntu version is 18.4

How to install Pip on Ubuntu

Pip is a package management system. Through pip we can get python package from PyPI . There are some ways to install pip in Ubuntu. In below steps of pip install will be described. Overview | pip install | pip install with curl | Basic commands of pip | Search pip packages | install python packages with pip | uninstall python package with pip

How to install specific python version on virtualenv

Some times we need specific python version for specific project.There are some easy way to install specific python version through virtualenv. In below I try to give two example to install python2.7 and python3.5 Example one: If you are already install virtualenv then write the code for make a virtualenv that will have python version

How to remove Odoo from Ubuntu
How to remove Odoo from Ubuntu

Sometimes we need to remove all settings and files from our Linux system. There are some easy steps to do that and Odoo remove from ubuntu.Table of ContentOverview | Steps of work | Stop Odoo server | Delete User | Remove Database

How to Install virtualenv in ubuntu

Virtualenv is really a nice thing if you want to work with different python version.suppose you have a project that need python 2.7 and in the mean time you also want to work on another project that need python 3.5. What can you do then? What is the solution for you? Install virtualenv sudo pip

Install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper on Ubuntu

Virtualenv store a private copy of python, PHP and packages of Python. There are some simple steps to install it on Ubuntu. Install pip: sudo apt-get install python-pip Install virtualenv sudo pip install virtualenv Now create a dir where all your virtualenvs file will be stores mkdir ~/.virtualenvs At this stage we can successfully use

Odoo docker image build tutorial

In docker hub there is a complete package to install a odoo in docer. But in this way odoo will install as a python package.For install Odoo it prefer python 2.7 and postgresql as database. For my personal experience if need all fill in local machine and build a docker image I follow some steps

How to deploy django with docker nginx server

There are some condition to deploy django in docker with nginx sever.One : Already create a project and run it locally and project is complete now want to deploy in docker container Two: Create a new project in docker container at first and after that work Today I will share my personal experience how I