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Docker cheat sheet – Remove Docker Images, Containers, Volumes and all

Docker makes it easy to wrap our application and services that we can run it anywhere to do some easy steps. When we work with docker we do some test work and sometimes create lots of images, containers, network and volumes that we not need. If we are not aware it will use our host machine resources like ram, processor, spaces.

Docker has a strong command-line tool to remove all unused thins very easily. This cheat sheet leads you to easily manage those things

Docker Install Ubuntu

Easily Install docker and docker-compose on an amazon-aws container. Ubuntu version is 18.4

Odoo docker image build tutorial

In docker hub there is a complete package to install a odoo in docer. But in this way odoo will install as a python package.For install Odoo it prefer python 2.7 and postgresql as database. For my personal experience if need all fill in local machine and build a docker image I follow some steps