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How to setup Django debug toolbar

Django Debug toolbar is very helpful for a developer. It helps to see the SQL query, query times and many more. at a glance easily can debug Django project. Steps of setup: Install debug python package Debug must be true Internal IP must be mentions Configure in file configure configure static file of debug

Facebook Data Deletion Request Callback with Django
Facebook Data Deletion Request Callback with Django

Facebook provide a way to delete a user details from our apps and systems. Some time we use facebook login app for django authentication and its work perfect. But if the user want to delete his facebook book permission from his/her account we should provide a deletion request callback otherwise facebook may deactivate our facebook

How to deploy django with docker nginx server

There are some condition to deploy django in docker with nginx sever.One : Already create a project and run it locally and project is complete now want to deploy in docker container Two: Create a new project in docker container at first and after that work Today I will share my personal experience how I