Convert string to datetime and datetime humanize

From string to convert date time in python


Now if you want to represent your desire date like Sun May 20 10:10:55 2018

How to RabbitMQ install on Mac
How to RabbitMQ install on Mac

If you need Asynchronous Messaging system in your project then RabbitMQ is a good solution for you. Sometimes we need to run on mac. Follow some steps to install RabbitMQ on mac:
Table of contents Overview | Dependencies | Install server | Update bash profile | Run server

Cheat Sheet

Some cheet codes that speed up out work and quick turn into production. Let us try this Specific python version install virtualenv -p python3 new_p3_env Install RabbitMQ brew install rabbitmq RabbitMQ start but not like as a service /usr/local/sbin/rabbitmq-server RabbitMQ start brew services start rabbitmq