How to remove Odoo from Ubuntu

Some times we need remove all settings and files from our Linux system.

There are some easy steps to do that.

Follow the below steps to remove Odoo from ubuntu:

Stop Server

sudo service odoo-server stop

Remove all odoo files

sudo rm -R /opt/odoo

Now We can Remove Configuration Files

sudo rm -f /etc/odoo-server.conf

sudo rm -f /etc/odoo.conf

If your Odoo system is hook with start up. Then run those commands

update-rc.d -f odoo-server remove sudo rm -f /etc/init.d/odoo-server

Delete User and User group

userdel -r postgres groupdel postgres

Now Remove Database sudo apt-get remove postgresql -y
sudo apt-get --purge remove postgresql\* -y
sudo rm -r -f /etc/postgresql/
sudo rm -r -f /etc/postgresql-common/
sudo rm -r -f /var/lib/postgresql/

Follow those steps and you can easily remove odoo from your ubuntu. If you have any suggestion you can email me.