How to install Pip on Ubuntu

Pip is a package management system. Through pip we can get python package from PyPI
There are some ways to install pip in Ubuntu .In below steps of pip install will be describe.
Pip install:

In ubuntu open terminal (ctrl + alt + t)

sudo apt-get update

Once update is complete the pip install is very easy. Only you can run the following code in terminal

sudo apt-get install python-pip

Pip installed successfully.
Alternative way to install pip:

Pip install with curl
It is another easy way to install pip by using Curl and python.

sudo apt-get update

curl "" -o ""


Now verify the pip installation:
Write the pip on terminal. You can see some codes.

If you want to check the version of

pip -V

Want to search a python package

pip search package_name

Install a new package on virutalenv or root

pip install package_name

Uninstall a package :

pip uninstall package_name

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